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Ten Recommendations for Starting a Successful Short-Term Rental

  1. Research Local Regulations: Ensure you understand the local laws and regulations regarding short-term rentals, including zoning laws, permits, taxes, and safety requirements. Compliance is crucial to avoid legal issues.

  2. Choose the Right Property: Select a property that is in a desirable location, well-maintained, and suits the preferences of your target audience. Consider factors like proximity to tourist attractions, transportation, and local amenities.

  3. Furnish and Decorate Thoughtfully: Create a welcoming and comfortable space for your guests. Invest in quality furniture, décor, and amenities to make your property stand out. High-quality photos are essential for marketing.

  4. Set Competitive Pricing: Research similar listings in your area to determine a competitive pricing strategy. Pricing should reflect the quality of your property and the local market conditions.

  5. Develop Clear House Rules: Establish clear and reasonable house rules for your guests. Communicate these rules in advance and ensure they are posted in the property. This helps set expectations and maintain a positive guest experience.

  6. Invest in Guest Communication: Provide quick and responsive communication to address inquiries, booking requests, and any issues that may arise during a guest's stay. A friendly and professional attitude goes a long way.

  7. Implement a Cleaning Routine: Maintain a strict cleaning schedule to ensure your property is spotless for each guest. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to maintain high standards of cleanliness.

  8. Automate Key Exchange: Consider using keyless entry systems or lockboxes to streamline check-in and check-out processes. This provides convenience to guests and reduces your workload.

  9. Offer Essential Amenities: Stock your property with essential amenities such as toiletries, fresh linens, a well-equipped kitchen, and reliable Wi-Fi. These conveniences can enhance the guest experience.

  10. Marketing and Promotion: Develop an attractive listing with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. Utilize online platforms and social media to promote your property. Encourage guests to leave positive reviews to build credibility.

Remember that short-term rentals require ongoing management, so be prepared for the responsibilities of hosting, from maintenance and guest communication to marketing and finances. Success in this business often depends on providing a great guest experience, constant and immediate communication and managing your property effectively.

If you are looking for an experienced host to help take some of the guesswork out of the short term rental market, please reach out to We offer hourly consulting services to other hosts or those interested in becoming hosts.

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